5 Best Tips for Investing in Your 30s.

4 min readAug 24, 2021


People save. Even after being the most active spender, people still save. While saving gets you a huge chunk of money for emergencies, your money does not multiply. Rich people have portfolios that include their investments. Investments help you multiply money without earning more.

You invest your money and that’s how it grows. There are various investment vehicles, like stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, that offer returns on money over a longer term. The return on your investment helps you build your money. So, this way you can build wealth over time.

Why invest when we can save?

Investment involves risk and we cannot deny that. But to reach bigger financial goals, investing is the smartest yet shortest route. Say your money earns a higher rate of return than the savings account, would not you be earning more money over a long period, fast? Let’s discuss this case.

The risk involved needs you to deal with it maturely. Investment is important, what’s more important is knowing where to invest. Study about the process, the investments and then create a portfolio. Read articles, watch videos, know what others are doing before jumping into the bull ring. Your knowledge, intuition and presence of mind decreases the risk involved and thus help you get a better calculative return.

5 Best Tips for Investing in Your 30s:

  • Study more to know more.

The only reason investing gets hard is because of the risk involved. We know the returns if things go well, but also the losses if they do not. That point stops us. But, is not life all about taking risks? You make a decision, it goes wrong, you have to restart without waiting for someone to come pick up. We need to know what is worth the risk.

Same goes with the investments you make. Though we all like risk takers, it would only be a good idea, if you take calculated risks. So, studying is an important tip. Study about investments, risks involved and knowing how to pass by them. And remember you spend 1/4th, save 1/2 and invest 1/4th to make the ends meet and get a safe investment in your pocket.

  • Do you have an emergency fund?

Your thirties sounds like an old age to be studying. And studying about investment strategies at this stage of your life might sound bizarre. But, as you approach 30, your finances need to change. The most important reason why would be because you think about starting a family. Is your savings enough to maintain your family?

How much of it is enough? What if you lose your job? Not trying to scare you, but life’s surprises. The main step in starting to invest is to set up a savings account and keep a considerable amount of cash in it. Find your ‘considerable’ amount as you invest. Build an emergency fund first, before going for the big risk.

  • Plan each purchase.

Most of us have grown up in households where our family was used to getting things after the need arises. This can cause too much spending. Often this leads to me eating out often. Eating out not only harms your physical health but also your financial health. So, it is better to know what quantity you need and plan out your month or week accordingly. This not only saves money but also helps you get into a discipline.

Well, this is a popular way to reduce your crave so you can save. Let’s get straight to the point. Wait for about 2 days before you buy something online? Say you want to buy a dress that you fell in love with on the first site. Add it to the cart. We would not advise you to ‘not buy’ it. Let it stay in your cart and think if you really want it. After keeping it for 2 days in your cart, if you still want it, get it. But before making impulsive decisions, give yourself some time to rethink.

  • Learn from Investors.

By studying, most of us just concentrate on bookish knowledge. Though bookish knowledge helps you know the basics, you need experience. When you start as an investor, it is impossible to get the experience. And rather than learning from bad experience and your own mistakes, what is more advisable is learning from others, who are already experienced in the field.

But, how to get hold of these investors? You can not go up to them for solo advice and make fun out of yourselves unless and until they are within your reach. What if they are not? With the digitalization of our lives, nothing is impossible anymore. There are hundreds of interviews and podcasts by investors where they talk about strategies. Learn from them and find your own way.

  • Invest in Crypto.

Even in case you do not know anything about investment and strategies, crypto is now a well-known word. People call crypto ‘the next big thing’ although it has already expanded a lot in the last few years. That is because of it’s endless scope and people’s trust involved in cashless and fast transactions.

We have all been learning about bitcoin billionaires. The first way to invest in bests is knowing what is going to be the best. Study about Crypto Currency, watch videos, podcasts and interviews and then invest in what you think is best.




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